Burn Up (Detective Qigiq Book Three)


Burn Up: Detective Qigiq Book Three

A fugitive slips away through a crowd of onlookers while Qigiq and Kandy investigate a desert cremation they suspect was designed to destroy evidence. But of what crime?  

As they attempt to tie up loose ends on their last case, they dodge infernos of destruction only to arrive at a concert where a member of the audience is murdered. This puts them on a collision course with the FBI. 

The Feds want them out of the way. Captain Jasik wants them on a case of an unexplained death involving a wealthy venture capitalist, a beautiful woman, and a wall safe filled with cash–standing open.  

Then a second case of a rich male, missing female, and two locked safes has them chasing leads to a casino penthouse where a young woman has died–yet again with no apparent murder weapon. 

Evidence so improbable that Qigiq and Kandy initially hesitate to accept it. Yet it leads back to a violist named Mylin: talented, beautiful, and illegal. Her all-female orchestra is now headlining an extravagant outdoor concert amidst the casino life of Reno, featuring a rock band named Magnetic Fusion and extraordinary pyrotechnics. 

From black rock desert to a penthouse in San Francisco, the glitter of heavy metal concerts to the desolation of street busking without a home, Burn Up moves like a scirocco-stoked wildfire through the world of concert promotion, high-stakes finance, and fast motorcycle chases as Qigiq realizes, once again, that one picture can truly reveal much more than 1,000 words. 


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Reviews for Burn Up

“A gripping thriller from beginning to end.” —Clarion Reviews

“The snap of [Klingler’s] dialog is as tart as ever.” —The Pacific Book Review

“International espionage and science even Tony Stark would be proud of.” —Seattle Book Review

“Klingler has hit the right notes in this continuation of the Mylin series. An excellent blend of mystery and thriller.” —San Francisco Book Review

“Surprise after surprise…players come alive on the page…readers get a visceral feel for just how loathsome [Tuson] is, and how challenging it’s going to be for Mylin to escape his hold on her.” Starred Review—The Pacific Book Review


  • Foreword Indies Finalist: Thriller and Suspense 
  • Finalist: Eric Hoffer Book Awards 

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